These are three phases of how we make disciples here at Dahlonega Baptist Church. 


First, we Worship, and we invite people to worship with us. For when we invite people to worship with us, we expose them to Jesus. We expose them to the gospel. We are being drawn closer to God and to each other, while others are given an opportunity to hear the gospel and see it.


Secondly, we Grow. This is involvement in a small group, a small group where we study the Bible together on a weekly basis and grow spiritually with others. This can take place in one of the many Sunday School classes we have here at DBC or in other small groups that meet throughout the week. You’ll find many opportunities to get plugged into a small group here at DBC.


The third step is the Serve step.  This is the hands steps.  It’s stepping out in faith and looking for opportunities to serve Christ with our hands, using the spiritual gifts and abilities that we have been given.  Examples include being a part of the many volunteer opportunities we have for serving the less fortunate here in our community, teaching and mentoring our children, singing in the choir, going on a mission trip, or agreeing to be an active member on one of the many teams or committees we here have at DBC.  The great news is that we have all kinds of opportunities to serve.

How To Become A Member

Profession of Faith:

Admit one’s separation from God and desire to be united with God by trusting in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  A person wishing to unite in this fashion speaks to the Pastor to inform him of the decision, then presents himself/herself to the congregation at the end of a worship service.  The congregation joyfully receives each person confessing faith.

Transfer of Membership:

If one is already a follower of Jesus and a member of another Southern Baptist congregation, he or she communicates to the Pastor the desire to transer membership, then presents oneself after worship to be received by this congregation.  

Statement of Faith:

If one is already a follower of Jesus and a member of a congregation other than Southern Baptist, he or she communicates to the Pastor the desire to unite with DBC, then is presented to the congregation as one coming upon statement of faith.  A person from another tradition who has not experienced baptism by immersion (may have been baptized as an infant) will be encouraged to experience this marvelous symbolic act. 

Meet Our Team

Steven Wright

Steven Wright

Senior Pastor

Faith: I am the product of a faithful family, as my mother and father are both Christians. The result is that they were eager to raise their children in church. At the young age of 6, I made a profession of faith and was baptized. When I was a teenager, I drifted spiritually because my priorities were not where they needed to be. This changed when I was 18 years old, as I recommitted my life to Jesus Christ during my freshman year of college at Georgia Southern University. I became involved in the Baptist Student Union there and grew in my faith tremendously. I also surrendered to the call to full-time ministry and met my wife, Patti, who also felt called to serve the Lord as a pastor’s wife.
Professional: I began my full-time pastoral career in 2002, as I was called to pastor Black Springs Baptist Church in Milledgeville, Georgia, for two years. After this, the Lord led us to the First Baptist Church of Montezuma, Georgia, where we were privileged to serve for nearly five years. Most recently, I was the pastor of Signal Mountain Baptist Church near Chattanooga, Tennessee, and served in that capacity for approximately 10 years.

About: I have a wonderful family! My wife, Patti, is the love of my life and her faithfulness to Christ inspires me daily. God has blessed us with three boys, Justin, Jonathan, and Jackson and each are a unique gift from God. We are an energetic crew with all kinds of hobbies!

Interests: Golf (Though I have been in beginner status for nearly 10 years), Reading, following the Braves, the Georgia Southern Eagles, and yes, the Georgia Bulldogs!! (It’s great to be back in the red state!!!)

Did You Know? I attended a World Heavyweight championship boxing match in 1998.

Carl Tolbert

Carl Tolbert

Associate Pastor for Family Ministries

Faith: I did not grow up in church and did not know Christ personally until I met my wife in college. A friend invited me to a youth rally in high school where I heard the gospel preached. I responded to a nudging that I felt, and was baptized, but because I was not in church, I did not have any guidance to develop a faith. When my wife showed me what it looked like to be in relationship with Jesus, I began to pursue getting to know Him and became a part of a church community. Not only did I fall in love with Jesus, I fell in love with HIS church! After marrying Suzanne, church became a vital part of my life and I sought to learn, to serve, and to get to know my Savior intimately. After spending a few years sitting with my wife as she led youth, I began to develop a passion for young people and longed to help them grow their relationships with Christ, but never felt worthy to do that until one summer when I volunteered at a youth camp and took the challenge to lead. It was as if it was what I was meant to do! I fell in love with students and I wanted them to know and experience the beautiful life that following Jesus can bring, and to show them that when they truly encounter Jesus, their lives will be affected in profound ways! My goal is to offer all children & students the opportunity to be a part of a community of fellow believers, so that they can journey together to live as Christ calls them to live, and to do what He calls them to do.

Professional: After the camp experiences, God began to stir in my heart and I felt a calling to go into full-time ministry. At the age of 35, I answered the call and began seminary. I was ordained @ Johns Creek Baptist Church, and at 37, I was called to my first church, Trinity Baptist Church in Moultrie, GA where I served as the Children’s & Youth Pastor from 2005-2014. From there I was called to be the Minister of Youth and Recreation @ First Baptist Church of Laruens, SC. I served there from 2014-2020.

About: I grew up in Opelika Alabama and then moved to Birmingham my junior year of High School. I met my wife Suzanne at Samford University and we just celebrated our 30th Anniversary (2020). We have two sons, Kyle & Jay who both graduated from the University of Georgia. Kyle, (27) is a Student pastor at Grace Raleigh, in Raleigh, NC and Jay (24) is married to Conley and is the Youth Pastor at Green Acres Baptist Church in Athens, GA.

Interests: Vacation Bible school, camps, and retreats are my very favorite things in the whole wide world. I am an avid sports fan. NBA & college football are my favorite to watch, but I love to play them all! My newest pastimes are Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee. I love playing video games, playing golf, basketball & fishing.

Did you know? I started out an Alabama fan until my dad became part of Auburn’s football team by working with the coaching staff by hooking up headphones from the sidelines to the press box on game days. After spending a lot of time around the team, around the coaches, in the stadium, and in the press box, it was easy to become a fan! SO, I’m likely the only Auburn fan that is also a huge Alabama fan unless they are playing the Tigers!


Jerry Cloer

Jerry Cloer

Minister of Music

Faith: I became a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ when I was eight years of age. Because of the faithful witness of my grandparents and their strong relationship with Christ, I learned what it meant to walk in God’s presence and worship Him daily. Along with the influence of godly men such as my youth pastor and my music pastor at our church, I made a commitment to serve the Lord through music. As a senior in high school while at summer youth camp, I surrendered my life to the ministry with a focus on music in local churches.

Professional: My passion is to lead fellow believers in worship and praise in the local church. Upon graduation from Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO., I served the Lord at Open Door Baptist Church in Kansas City, KS. and then moved to Georgia where I have been blessed to lead worship at First Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA., Mountain Park First Baptist Church, Stone Mountain, GA., and First Baptist Church, Norcross, GA. I am honored to be a part of what the Lord is doing at Dahlonega Baptist Church.

About: I am blessed with a godly wife, Linda, of 26 years who has been my helpmate both in life and ministry. We made Dahlonega our home in 2017 and love the mountains. We have 5 wonderful children, 10 grandchildren and even 2 great-grandchildren.

Interests: Traveling and sharing time with my wife is now my favorite thing to do. I will say that I love sports and especially watching college basketball. Since our move to the mountains, I have taken an interest in playing Pickle Ball.

Did you know? I officiated high school and small college basketball for many years.


Tylor Hughes

Tylor Hughes

Director of Children’s Ministry

Faith: My faith story begins as most do – I was taken to church periodically as a child and really didn’t grow up in that steady and firm Christian home. My mom, I have to say, was the pioneer for the beginning stages of my faith. She, as a single parent, felt the desire to begin going to church every time the doors were open and becoming more involved, inevitably, I was drug along too. As I became more involved in the church myself – attending Awana, singing in the choir, participating in the youth program, etc. – I felt that tug in my heart to declare my faith and accept Jesus into my heart at the early age of 9, becoming baptized shortly afterwards. But still throughout my childhood I didn’t appreciate the urgency my mom had to take me to church. As the years passed on, I was still reluctant to completely surrender my life to the Lord. I was that typically rebellious preteen that felt that they already had and knew everything to this life, so why add something new. But it wasn’t until about a decade later, in my freshman year of college, I began to appreciate the Truth that was poured into my life through my mom and the churches we attended. God started to advance my spiritual growth by showing me that my life was completely useless and purposeless without Him. Christ began to open my eyes to His wonders and His commands, but even then, I was hesitant to wholly submit my will to His. Then God began to deal with my defiant will to completely trust Him. His faithfulness, gentleness, lovingness, and authority were displayed in my life through my oldest child that was born with birth defects. What a hard road to travel! But on that journey, God was there whispering in that still, small voice that He was there to carry us all, filling the void that felt like it would never be complete. So, in that moment of vulnerability, I knew with utter confidence that He was large and in charge of every circumstance pertaining to my life. Through the years afterwards, God has shown me His sovereignty and grace that has left me awestruck. He has opened doors that I didn’t even know existed and closed doors that didn’t even need to be opened, which gives me the urgency to tell others about Him and make disciples of those who already do.

About: I grew up in Bainbridge, GA where I met my bride, Samantha, during our junior year in high school. She and I moved up to Dahlonega in 2013 to attend UNG and fell in love with the beauty of both the scenery and people. Currently, I am a senior at Truett McConnell University where I major in Biblical Studies with a concentration in Student Ministry. I love to be outdoors, whether it’s to cruise on the lake, wade in the ocean, hike the trails, hammock between trees, toss the ball, or just simply sit and enjoy God’s creation. Samantha and I have 2 rambunctious blessings, Greyson & Chloe. Our family is full of spirit, adventure, and vision and we anticipate God to do immeasurable things through our lives.

Did You Know? In my senior year in high school I marched with the band at the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day parade.

Holly Fradono

Holly Fradono

Sonshine Weekday Preschool Ministry - Director

Faith: My family and I moved to Dahlonega, Georgia in 2004, but it wasn’t until 2008 that we were invited to join some friends to attend DBC where we were lead to Christ. On October 19, 2008 my husband and I both were baptized and began our walk with Christ.

About: I am married to my best friend Jason, for 19 years. We are blessed with  three boys; Cooper, Carter and Caiden. I served on the committee to start the Sonshine Weekday Preschool here at DBC, and then later was given the opportunity to serve as an assistant instructor. From there I moved into a lead teacher role and eventually to the position of Director of the Sonshine Weekday Preschool Ministry. I have also served in Sunday School, Wednesday night children’s programs and VBS. This involvement has lead to another opportunity to serve as the Interim Children’s Director here at DBC.

Interests:  I love to spend time with my family, I love Disney,music and hanging out by the fire.

Did You Know? I love cage fighting on the weekends.

Dianne King

Dianne King

Office Manager

Faith: I became a Christian and was baptized when I was 12 years old at Dahlonega Baptist Church. I had wonderful and loving parents and they sent me to Sunday School almost every Sunday. I am grateful to God for saving me when I was young, however, I did not really understand the Gospel of Christ until I was a young adult when I came to fully trust in Christ as my Savior and truly understand that God loves me so much He sent His Son to die for my sins so that I am forgiven. The Lord has brought me through difficult times in my life and I believe my faith in Him has grown through those experiences. I know that God is on my side!!
Professional: I have served DBC for the last 30 years. The first 8 years were working for Rev. Bob Green and the last 20+ years working for Pastor Bill Hutcheson, and now with Pastor Steven Wright. It has been a wonderful journey with my DBC family, whom I love very much.

About: I value honesty, a Godly attitude and compassion. My passion is that everyone be treated fairly without judgement.

Interests: Hiking, scrapbooking and spending time with my children.

Did You Know? In the past two years, I have gone ziplining and parasailing! Looking forward to my next adventure.

Lowayne Craig

Lowayne Craig

Financial Administrator

Faith: I was born into a large family. My mother couldn’t always attend church when I was an adolescent with lots of small children; therefore, I was invited to attend with my aunt and uncle or I caught a ride to church. It was on one of these occasions that I accepted Christ into my life at the age of eleven.
About: I married my soul-mate and lived with him for 45 wonderful years. My son was born in 1981, another gift from God. My husband has now passed on to be with the Lord after giving us miracles upon miracles to allow us about three extra years together. Now my mission is to serve that Lord and try to tell others about Christ’s power in our lives.

Did You Know? I am an avid deer hunter and have a beautiful 8-point buck hanging on my wall.

Rochelle Brinson

Rochelle Brinson

Financial Assistant

Faith: I was blessed to be raised in a strong Christian family where both of my parents lived their faith and taught us children to do the same. I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior here at Dahlonega Baptist Church when I was seven years old but made my public profession of faith, was baptized and became a member of the church as a ten year old when I better understood the responsibility of church membership. As a child, I spent several weeks every summer at a local Christian camp. I was a regular camper until I reached my teens and then served as a junior camp counselor as well as attended teen camp, where I grew in my faith and learned how to implement the Great Commission. In my late teens I attended a two week long Christian Leadership Camp in Manitou Springs, CO where I had in depth studies on the Christian World View. It is through this program that my theological understanding and faith matured and I learned how to defend my faith in a fallen world through apologetics. I have been actively involved in my church, women’s Bible Studies, women’s ministries and choir in all the places I’ve lived as an adult. I am a firm believer in “The Golden Rule” and strive to always make my decisions based on how Christ would have me respond and what I would want if I were in another person’s shoes.

About: I was born and raised in Dahlonega, GA but have “traveled the country” as an adult living in seven different states. I have three wonderful children who keep me on my toes as they are all in their mid to late teens. I value honesty, integrity and being my true self with those around me.

Interests: I have a wide variety of interests that include cooking and baking, sewing, gardening, reading and building things. I love being outside in God’s creation and find my happy place in nature whether enjoying a beautiful day or watching wildlife, hiking or just taking in “the view”. 

Did You Know? I have a love for power tools and enjoy a good stroll through the hardware store or Home Depot.


Scott Gray

Scott Gray

Director of Communications & Branding

Faith: Growing up in the 70’s, I was one of those “church brats”.  My mother was the music director at Mount Olive Baptist Church in College Park, Georgia where I spent most of my time assisting her in the music ministry and wreaking havoc around the church. At the age of nine I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. It was very real, but at the time it was more like buying “fire insurance”. I stayed connected to my church where I continued to grow in my faith and where God began to stretch me as I led student ministry and began to accompany the special music playing electric guitar. The “fire insurance” developed into a very real faith and dependency on God. After moving to Dahlonega, I soon joined the contemporary worship team where my faith continued to be challenged and strengthened and where I eventually was called to be the Worship Director for that service. I humbly take this role to lead others in reverent and authentic worship very seriously. This responsibility continues to push me to dig into a deeper relationship with Christ. The journey will never be complete, yet I embrace the process of sanctification until I experience a new and eternal life in a new Kingdom. 

About: I am married to one of the most beautiful and intelligent women on the planet. Sherrie is my high school sweetheart and soul mate. We have two talented children, Garrett and Kayla. I have been an entrepreneur most of my life having started a video production company way back in 1986. I am currently assisting DBC in navigating the digital landscape and positioning it for the future by implementing a strong technological foundation. 

Interests: Anything that has to do with water sports makes me tick. Sunshine and warm weather always makes me smile. Music feeds my soul. Playing guitar is my passive hobby. Writing is a pass time. High speed activities leave me satisfied.

Did you know? I spent two years racing late model stock cars.


Carl Gibson

Carl Gibson

Facilities Manager

Faith: My life changed dramatically on Dec. 15, 2009 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. The past 26 years before I was a drug addict and on that day, God released me from the addiction that consumed my life, I thank God everyday and serve him to the best of my ability at DBC. I have served as Deacon and am involved in our men’s ministry and our student ministry as well.
Professional: I consider myself a “jack of all trades” as I am the Facilities Manager for Jeremiah’s House (transitional living facility), volunteer at a wildlife preserve, and occasionally work within the video productions industry as a production assistant, in addition to my responsibilites for managing the DBC facility.

About: I believe that everyone deserves the upmost respect something my father taught me and that’s what I give to everyone I encounter.

Interests: Fishing, Tennessee Volunteer Football, Volunteer Work

Did You Know? I survived an attack by a 180 pound alpha wolf while working at a wildlife preserve.

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